care and support

This project has been generously funded by the DukeEngage independent project program, a service program that offers full funding to students who wish to undergo a service project with a partner of their choosing in a location of their choosing (see here). To create such a project requires careful planning and consideration of all the ethical, legal, moral, and logistical factors that come into play.

What you see here was the result of many people’s input and resourcefulness. It is the culmination of many revisions, advising appointments, Skype calls, and emails. You see, not only did we have to consider my interests and what I wanted to do, but also what would be most beneficial to CCD.How do we consider what the children want and what would be best for them? Also how would we keep me safe, as per the concerns of my family and faculty mentor? How do we create a partnership between me participating in a short-term DukeEngage project and the long-lasting needs of the community I would be going in? There were many questions to be answered, and in planning this project the wonderful team of people I had to support me and work with me on this attempted to cover as many details as we possibly could.

The result? It’s in your hands.


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