Three Things

My overarching goal is to help CCD carry out their goals by accomplishing the following:
  1. Serve as a volunteer providing daily care and support for “differently­ abled” children in CCD’s rehabilitation and/or daycare centers.
  2. Do a disability narratives project that explores a child’s disability, their background, and who they are now, all while letting the child tell his/her story in the process.
  3. Learn to work with a diverse population in cross­ cultural contexts, and become immersed in Thai culture and the life of CCD’s children.

To accomplish the first goal, I will be based in CCD’s Rainbow House day care center, and the government home based Rachawadee Girls day care center. At these two centers, I will volunteer with daily education programs and help out with meal times/daily care routines, among other things. For the narratives project, my tasks include interviewing the children, gathering background information on them as deemed appropriate by all parties involved (the children, their parents/guardians, CCD), and publishing a weekly blog on around 5 children.


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