Hi! My name is Nina Kuprasertkul and I’m currently a rising senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Visual Media studies at Duke University. Since I like lists, here are a couple facts about me:

  1. I am Christian and converted my freshman year at Duke.
  2. I am half-Thai, half-Taiwanese, identifying culturally as Thai.
  3. I am pre-med, and my current goal is to become a pediatric oncologist.
  4. I am a DukeEngage participant.

My family goes back to Thailand every year, and the desire to serve my home country grew stronger every time we went back. The opportunity to do so presented itself in the form of a DukeEngage independent project. DukeEngage is a civic service program that funds Duke students to travel all over the world and participate in service projects in partnership with a diverse array of community partners (see here). For me, as a Thai Christian, I could not be more excited to partner with the Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD): an organization seeking to exemplify Jesus’ love by providing care and support to children with disabilities. By partnering with the CCD, I hope to accomplish certain goals, namely loving the children, letting them be who they are, and sharing their stories for the rest of the world to know who they are. This project, as it’s own unique pilot project, as already received a lot of investment and support from many many people: CCD, my DukeEngage advisors, my faculty mentor, my family, my friends, and many more. It is the first partnership between DukeEngage and CCD; it is a bridging of my interests in healthcare and visual media in real life; it is the seed that I have planted in planning since fall and hope to watch it sprout this summer.

So thank you, my readers, for visiting my site, for supporting me, and for following with me on this journey. I hope I don’t disappoint.

Love, Nina